Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: Who is IncomeMax? 
 A: IncomeMax LLC. provides financial planning sales solutions for insurance professionals. Based in Sacramento, California, IncomeMax has a skilled team working together to create products that solve clients real world financial problems and enhance professionals ability to close sales.
 Q: Who are IncomeMax’s target customers?
 A: Insurance professionals and financial advisors selling life, disability, LTC insurance, annuities and other financial products to middle market clients.
 Q: What is the primary problem facing agents and planners? 
 A: Today's professionals are limited in their ability to quickly capture a client's financial situation, illustrate problems and then graphically illustrate proposed solutions. Professionals have two options:
1) work from traditional spreadsheets and struggle to quickly convey problems and solutions
2) work with complex applications that are targeted at high net worth clients with complex financial strategies. Neither option is ideal for the average mid-market client or the professional working with them.
 Q: What is IncomeMax?
 A: IncomeMax is a powerful needs analysis and retirement planning sales tool that simplifies the sale of financial and insurance products for professionals. Producers now have a simple and efficient way of: analyzing their clients’ financial situation, graphically and quantitatively illustrating the strengths and weaknesses of their client’s financial strategy, and positioning product solutions that will assist client’s in meeting their objectives.
 Q: How does IncomeMax solve Insurance Professional's problems?
 A: In an environment where 80% of your clients just want to know, "Am I going to make it?" or "how can I afford it", IncomeMax allows professionals to quickly build real-life financial scenarios that illustrate financial challenges or shortfalls and highlight solutions.
IncomeMax’s intuitive user interface enables professionals to quickly capture the detail of a client’s current financial and insurance portfolio. With powerful what-if modeling and scenario comparisons capabilities, IncomeMax lets producers quickly position product solutions. IncomeMax’s detailed graphs and personalized reports build the client confidence required to make a sale.
 Q: What is the pricing for IncomeMax?
 A: Standard pricing for IncomeMax starts at $75 a month for a one (1) user license. Multi-user pricing is also available.
 Q: Is this an annual fee?
 A: No. IncomeMax is billed on a monthly basis.
 Q: What options does IncomeMax provide for service, and support?
 A: IncomeMax provides free e-mail and phone support for licensed users. Please visit the Support page before contacting us as the majority of questions are answered on that page.

Q: What security is in place to protect my client's information?
A: IncomeMax is hosted by GrassRoutes Networking. and they inherit their SSAE 16 certification directly from their Tier-1 hosting provider "Windstream".  The SSAE 16 report can be found here:

In addition to what is provided in their reports, IncomeMax encrypts any user identifiable information such as first name, last name, phone, and address. Here is an example of what a first name / last name looks like in our database:
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