4 Important Tips for Figuring the Cost of Drywall

Figuring out the cost of drywall is relatively easy regardless what size of project you are working on. Nearly any room you work on or any home improvement job you complete, you will need to use this one essential material. Whether you are doing a job yourself, bidding on a job to complete for someone else or just wanting to make sure that the contractors you hired are giving you a fair price, you can use these tips to come up with a pretty close estimated cost.

Measure Carefully

You do need to know how to work a measuring tape and a calculator to figure out the cost of your future installation. Drywall panels are rectangular so you have to try to picture how many panels every area will need. You can measure, draw diagrams and trace doors and windows to come up with your required square footage figure.

Be Aware of Local Building Codes

Nothing will be more frustrating than to get halfway through covering up that horrible job you did repairing popcorn ceiling in your kitchen than to find out you needed to use specific Drywall Repair near me. Many local governments enforce building codes in areas that are more prone to fires. This is important for your safety and crucial if you ever plan on selling or renting the house and need it to pass inspection.

Price the Drywall

Since there are three different types of drywall being regular, water-resistant and fire-resistant, as well as various thicknesses you can purchase the panels, in, taking a trip to your local hardware store can be quite beneficial. Determine what type of drywall you will be using so you can find out a price per panel. While you are at the store, also find out the cost of various other supplies that you will need as well such as plaster for patching any holes, goggles, nails, tape, tarps, drops cloths and sandpaper.

Prepare for the Future

There is no point completing a home improvement job and not taking future concerns into consideration. If you are building a bathroom in your basement, sure it may be cheaper to buy traditional drywall but in an area such as this that is prone to mold, you are much smarter to spend the extra money for the right drywall the first time rather than redoing it later. Always think long-term when figuring out the cost of drywall.